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Which is Better Electric or Gas Cart

by Boyd

Golf carts are frequently purchased as transportation or as utility vehicles on and off the course. We are aware that consumers looking to purchase a new or used cart should research the many types of golf carts, including contrasting gas versus electric carts, 36 vs. 48 volts, as well as other alternatives like safety features. Customers should be aware of any local rules governing the use of golf carts and the things to look for when purchasing a new or used one.

Deciding between a golf cart with a gas or battery-powered motor is one of your first significant choices. This can be intimidating and perplexing for many first-time customers, especially when it comes to battery-powered vehicles. We will help you weigh the advantages and disadvantages of an electric or gas golf cart 4 seater so you can choose wisely.

Electric vs. Gas Carts

Choosing between gas and electric power is one of the vital considerations when choosing a golf cart. Both gas and electricity have benefits and drawbacks. Electric carts typically cost a little less than gas-powered ones. Electric carts also have lower running costs unless you have battery problems. The cost of both carts will differ depending on various elements, including manufacturers, models, and features (lift kit, seats or custom paint, custom wheels, stereo, etc.). The sorts of golf carts and the benefits and drawbacks of each are described in the information below.

Gas-Powered Golf Carts

Regular unleaded fuel is used in gas-powered golf carts. Gas-powered carts typically have 10 to 12 horsepower. These engines function similarly to automobile engines, so maintaining them will be similar to maintaining a car.


Compared to an electric cart, a gas cart can run on a single tank of fuel for longer. Compared to electric carts, these often have the higher horsepower. Faster horsepower may occasionally result in better performance on hills, acceleration, and higher top speeds. Everything is based on the cart.


Compared to electric carts, gas-powered carts are noisier. To refuel these carts, gasoline is needed. Like any other gas-powered vehicle, including your car, gas golf carts emit pollution into the environment. Since gas engines need a similar amount of upkeep and repairs as vehicle engines do, gas cart maintenance costs may be greater.

Electric-Powered Golf Carts

Electric golf carts work without gasoline and are powered by a rechargeable battery pack. The average electric golf cart has 5 horsepower, but an electric engine’s “torque” is far more evident. Better performance can be obtained with various batteries and types. Electric carts require recharging every couple of days depending on how frequently they are used and the size of the battery.


Electric golf carts are great if you don’t like noise. When in motion, electric carts are virtually silent. They don’t need gasoline and have low maintenance costs. Owners of electric carts eventually spend less on gasoline. An electric golf cart’s brand-new set of batteries can power the vehicle for up to 54 holes of golf on a single charge in golf terms. Additionally, environmental pollution-causing pollutants are not produced by electric golf carts.


It has been demonstrated that batteries can live up to 8 years or longer when properly maintained. But it all comes down to how the batteries are handled when in use, how they are stored during the chilly winter months, and other factors. Depending on the type of battery your golf car needs, replacement batteries can cost $700 or more.

Every two to three years, batteries that are not properly maintained the need to be replaced. Accessories like lights, fans, radios, or heaters shorten battery life and cause faster battery discharge.

All electric golf carts, new and old, will come with the required charger because the right charger is essential to maintaining batteries at their best performance. A charger must be purchased separately and can cost up to $500 if the cart you’re considering doesn’t come with one.

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