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How Does LED Teeth Whitening Machine Work?

by Boyd

LED teeth whitening can help you brighten your smile by at least 6 shades in just a few minutes of your first session. There are many benefits to this approach to teeth whitening. Among others, it is a needle-free and pain-free procedure. If you are considering getting this treatment for your teeth, it will be worth knowing how it works.

Why Is LED Light Used for Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening machines are based on the use of LED lights. They have replaced the harmful UV lights that were used in the past. Some of the key advantages working in the favor of LED lights include:

  • Need for very low power
  • No need to warm up
  • Last very long

LED light is more intense compared to other sources of light. Still, the light is much cooler. This is because the light is capable of quickly dissipating heat. All these points make LED light perfect for use in a teeth whitening machine.

How Does LED Light Work?

There is an even more important reason why LED light is used in a teeth whitening machine. According to studies, LED light acts as a catalyst and speeds up the chemical reaction that causes the removal of strong strains from teeth.

The whitening agents used during the procedure show their effectiveness only for a period of 24 hours. When LED light is used, it speeds up the reactions. This means more stains get removed. All this results in giving you a brighter smile at the end of your session. This teeth whitening procedure has been recorded to deliver 6 to 8 shades of smile brightening on average. And this occurs during the first session. During subsequent sessions, you can expect even better results.

The Role of Teeth Whitening Gel

The use of LED lights enhances the performance of the teeth whitening gel. The combination of the two helps in creating whiter and brighter smiles. Still, it is the whitening agent that is the central element in this treatment process. LED light alone cannot whiten your teeth, but when it works with the whitening gel, the results are simply dramatic.

The key aspects of the whitening agent are as follows:

  • Hydrogen peroxide is the primary ingredient in the whitening agent
  • In some formulas, it is a close chemical known as carbamide peroxide
  • When the molecules in the gel come in contact with the teeth, the hydrogen and oxygen break away and create a deep cleaning process.
  • These molecules become active when they come in contact with teeth, UV rays, or high temperatures

Quality teeth whitening agents will retain their freshness. It is usually available in packages that are opaque and reject light from entering.

Now that you know how the LED teeth whitening machine works, it will become easier for you to seek proper treatment. It is a highly effective and unparalleled teeth whitening and brightening procedure. Besides, the results offered by it last quite long, saving you money over the long run.

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